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FETISH (hexyl) 30ml


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Origin: CANADA.

Composition: HEXYL NITRITES.

Content: 30 ml.

Weight: 88 gr.

Tips: Keep in the fridge and keep it longer.

Intensity: 5/10.

€8.32 (tax incl.) €10.40 -20% €8.32 (tax excl.)
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It's time for a bit of honesty in the poppers sales world. We, at POPPERS-ZONE, are a bit angry. LOCKERROOM CANADA was for years a good producer of poppers and the old PENTYL formula was a hit with our customers. It was not always easy to understand the market when poppers producers are stealing names from each others, using gold formula, extra strong formula or even black formula to market their products. The different formula were definitely making it more difficult to understand and the jungle of offers become quickly a very nebulous world. Anyway, today, LOCKERROOM CANADA not only changed the formula without previous annonce but they are now deliberately lying. 


The new HEXYL Nitrites is for us a huge deception. Yes, LOCKERROOM CANADA claim it to be better and longer but in our experience and customer's feedbacks it's really different. If HEXYL Nitrites doesn't burn the skin or the eyes or doesn't give headache, there is a real lack of effect. There is no kick. Nothing is happening. And of course, if the effect is kind of delayed, it will last longer compared to a product that starts sooner.

Some facts: PENTYL or AMYL nitrites have 5 carbons attached. HEXYL nitrites has 6 carbons attached. HEXYL nitrites is then a much heavier formula that means less evaporation and less effect. We sell poppers for more than 10 years now and most of our well-known customers give all the same feedback: AMYL nitrites is the best formula, HEXYL nitrites is not bad or unpleasant, it just doesn't kick.  

We than get unanimity in the feedbacks. We didn't get a simple positive feedback from our "connoisseurs" customers concerning the new formula. And it's actually difficult to understand why LOCKERROOM CANADA did that change in the formulation and even why the change doesn't affect all bottles. Or we should say, not yet. The only reason we can think about is that actually HEXYL nitrites is not an Alkyl nitrites, and in most countries banning poppers, this is the Alkyl nitrites family that is banned. Does it mean the HEXYL formula would be legal in the US when their old PENTYL nitrites formula is not? Is LOCKERROOM CANADA trying to perform in the US market and doesn't give a shit of the European market where the PENTYL formula was highly appreciated? Honestly we don't know but one thing is sure, that new formula is not a improvement and we are definitely not happy with that one.


So, what can you do if your favorite brand is now containing HEXYL NITRITES and you don't like it: 

  • Till today the 10 ML bottles still with the PENTYL formula. You can easily find the old good vibes you were enjoying (at least as long as LOCKERROOM CANADA keep it that way).
  • JUNGLE JUICE BLACK LABEL 30 ml and JUNGLE JUICE GOLD LABEL 30ml still till today with the pentyl formula (at least as long as LOCKERROOM CANADA keep it that way).
  • You can definitely try our new range of AMYL NITRITES formula or MIX formula. AMYL and PENTYL nitrites are the exact same product, the feedback and our own experience are really good till now and we are sure they will become the best sellers pretty soon.





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